AGM 21-22 Agenda

The AUK AGM will take place on the 11th February in Birmingham at 12pm.  The attached agenda sets out the business to be conducted at the meeting.

This year's AGM will see a return to a physical meeting.  We are, however, mindful of the fact that not everyone will be able to make a physical meeting. We will be setting up a Zoom link to allow members to watch the meeting. Please note that the Zoom link will not include participation in the meeting so ensure you have voted in advance.  Those watching via Zoom will be given the opportunity to participate in the usual Q&A session with the board that follows the close of the meeting.

All members will receive an email during the week beginning 23 January an email with a link to our online voting website.  Please take the time to read through the resolutions and director nominations before casting your votes.

If you want a link to the Zoom call or have any queries about the meeting or the process, please contact the General Secretary at -