Event Entry Screen Updates

The new event entry screens are now in use, with a new design that is more in line with the rest of the website. There are a few things to be aware of:

  • You will be able to add members of your household to an entry, which will avoid the need for each person to log on separately to enter an event, you will be able to make just one payment to cover multiple riders from your household.
  • Non-members will have to register with Audax UK before entering. They don't have to pay to register (and won't get any member benefits), but registering means that we are more likely to get the correct contact details, it's simpler for the user for second and subsequent entries, and it solves a problem where the completed rides database has a large number of records that have no membership number. If a non-member subsequently joins AUK we have to reconcile them with their past rides, which is a fiddly process.
  • If you have an under-18 in your household, and you are their parent/guardian, you can enter on behalf of them, and no longer need to provide them with a signed form.
  • We have changed the way you accept terms and conditions of entry - we are adding a section in the "membership details" page where you can review and accept the terms. When you enter a ride, the system will check that you have accepted the terms, and prevent you entering if you have not. We've done this for two reasons - if we change the terms it is more obvious, because you will have to re-confirm (on the existing system it's not obvious that the terms might have changed since you last entered a ride, so they probably won't get reviewed each time) - and the change to allow entry of household members means that we need to know that all entered members have accepted the terms, not just the person making the entry.
  • We are supporting two payment methods - Paypal and Debit/Credit card (via Stripe Payments). We've added the latter as it allows us to streamline processing of validation and non-member fees. The method used will depend on which organiser's event you are entering - you will see one or the other, not a choice of the two.
  • The website will send you an e-mail confirming your entry (in addition to the one from the payment processor that you get at the moment). If you are an organiser, you will get an e-mail from audax.uk with the entry details, as well as one from the payment processor
  • There is a new form for postal entries, which will also allow you to enter for those in your household.

To make entry as smooth as possible once we've swapped over, we'd recommend that you accept the terms and conditions next time you log in - go to "My Account / Membership Details", scroll down to "Accept Audax UK Event Entry Terms" and click the button. You'll only need to do that once, unless we update the terms, which should be pretty infrequent.