Rules for AUK Darts


Darts are events similar to Arrows for individuals or informal groups of any size, riding to or from a designated meeting point over a set time period. Audax UK organises the following calendar Dart events:

  • Summer Darts to York.
    • 14 hours
    • Min 200km
    • Max 420km (=30kph)
    • To York
  • Dinner and After Dinner Darts.
    • 14 hours
    • Min 200km
    • Max 280km (=20kph)
    • To & from the Audax UK Annual Re-union & Dinner

Dart Rules

  1. TIMES. The standard time allowance is 14 hours but the organiser may specify a longer allowance up to a maximum of 24 hours.
  2. DISTANCES & SPEEDS. Minimum and maximum allowable distances are calculated from the minimum and maximum speeds as per AUK regulation 9.7 and published in the calendar.
  3. ROUTES. You design your own route heading either to or from the designated meeting point. Distances will be credited from the shortest distance between control points.  Routes are not eligible for AAA points.
  4. CONTROLS You must obtain proof of passage at the starting point, each designated control, in the form of a stamp, ATM or till receipt.
    You must also obtain proof of passage at either your designated finishing point or at the end of the allowed time, whichever is sooner. You do not have to reach your designated finish point.
  5. VALIDATION: Brevet Cards must be returned to the organiser within 14 days of the ride. The Dart will be validated provided that the mileage covered within the allowed time is within 20% above or below the one stated before the ride (subject to the published minimum and maximum distances for the event).
  6. ENTRY PROCEDURE: You should enter in the usual way, either online or by post. If you enter on-line, email the organiser with your list of control points. If you enter by post, write your control points on the back of your entry form. You will receive your brevet card by post.