The Winter Boat Ride


210km cycling event starting from The Tichenham Inn, Ickenham. Controls at Great Kingshill Spar, Photo Control, Green Dragon Rare Breeds Centre, Helmdon War Memorial, Photo Control, Stoke Bruerne (The Boat Inn), Marsworth/Tring (Open Control) and Ickenham, The Tichenham Inn.

A ride out across the Buckinghamshire Downs, just right for a short winters day!

This is an x-rate event for experienced randonneurs with no manned controls or manned finish point. All main controls are 'open' so that riders are not constrained to visit specific venues. The event will use virtual brevets with digital validation (GPS, phototographs of info points, scans of receipts or other AUK approved Tool, TBC). Validation materials must be submitted to the organiser by the rider by email following the event. Entries will be limited to 30 or as required by guidence current at the time of the event. Riders will register at the start by the organiser taking a timed photograph of the rider and their bike (where photographs are used for validation they must contain a clear picture of the bike and landmark at the designated location). The recorded time is effectively the riders starting time and will be used to adjust the intermediate and final control times as required. Once registered riders will be required to leave the start area within 10 minutes. No more than 6 rider will be registered within a 10 minute period.

Event Date and Location

200 km (210 km) in 14h00
07:30 to finish by 21:30
Starting from:
The Tichenham Inn, Ickenham
Closing Date:
Event has been cancelled
Please Note:
This is a cancelled event - it was previously listed but is no longer being run. Note that events that have been postponed are not marked 'C' - they will be found later in the Calendar, marked with a 'D'

PARENTAL CONSENT is required for entrants under 18 years of age. We are currently unable to accept online entries for non-member riders under the age of 18. If you are under 18, please complete a postal entry. Parents should note the information on the entry form and be aware that this is an individual ride without leaders.

Event Information

15-30 km/h
Audax Club DuBois
Audax Points:
Event No:

Organiser Information

Paul Stewart
07974 670931

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GPS files available from organiser
GPS files available from organiser
'shoestring' event, few or no facilities or AUK controllers
'shoestring' event, few or no facilities or AUK controllers

Start Location

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Route Map

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