AUK AGM 2021


Notice is given that the Annual General Meeting of Audax UK will be held on Saturday 15 May 2021. Further details about attendance and voting will follow.

Graeme Provan
General Secretary

Resolutions should be submitted by members acting as proposer and seconder by post or email to the General Secretary to arrive no later than the 19th March 2021. The resolution may include a statement of no more than 1000 words.
The draft resolutions will then be available via and on the AUK Forum for a period of not less than 21 days for review. During this period members may submit amendments to resolutions in the same manner as resolutions. Proposers of resolutions and/or amendments may similarly withdraw unamended resolutions and/or amendments, or otherwise combine, partition or otherwise redraft them so long as they continue to address the resolution’s original subject.

Elections for the following posts will take place at the AGM:

  • Chair
  • Director - Permanent Events Secretary
  • Director - Events Services (Note: the current holder was appointed by the board and the appointment needs to be ratified by the members)
  • Director – Membership Secretary
  • Non-Executive Directors (2 posts)

Nominations with details of the members proposing and seconding the nomination and the consent of the nominated person to serve together with a statement of that person’s relevant abilities or experience of no more than 1000 words should be sent by post or email to the General Secretary to be received no later than 16th April 2021

A detailed agenda including the final resolutions and nominations and annual reports and accounts will be published on the website not later than the 23rd April 2021.

It is probable that the meeting itself will be partly or wholly a virtual meeting.

It is important that all members ensure that their email details on are accurate. Details of proxy voting will be sent to all members with email addresses.

For reasons of cost, the final agenda and annual report will be published via the website save in respect of any members who applied to the Registrar using the form provided in the March issue of Arrivée.

Agenda for the Audax UK Long Distance Cyclists’ Association AGM 2019/20

To be held on 15 May 2021 commencing at 12:00pm
1) To record the names of those present at the meeting
2) To record apologies for absence
3) To approve the minutes of the last AGM as a true record of that meeting
4) Matters arising from the last meeting (AGM 2018/19).
5) To approve the Annual Report
6) To approve the Annual Accounts and the Finance Director’s recommendations
7) To consider resolutions
8) Election of Directors
1. Chair
2. Permanent Events Secretary
3. Membership Secretary
4. Events Services Director
5. Non-Executive Director (2 posts)
9) Date and venue of next meeting
10) Close of meeting