Covid-19 - Latest news (last updated 19 Dec 2020)

*** The latest announcements regarding new tiers in England and also lockdowns in Wales and Northern Ireland mean that we need to rework the restrictions on AUK activities again. This will take some time ***

Please note that whilst we will do our best to keep this page up to date, legislation and guidance can move fast and we may not be able to reflect the latest position at all times. As ever, we are relying on riders to read, understand and comply with the general guidance applying in their area and along the route of their ride.

You can also find guidance documents and risk assessments on this page.


England was placed under a national lockdown at 00:01 on Thursday the 5th November.

British Cycling has suspended all organised activities during the lockdown. This accords with the guidance issued by Sport England. Audax UK has been asked by the DCMS to base its own guidance for the resumption of organised activities on that of British Cycling. As such, we have no choice but to suspend recognition of calendar events.

We are able to continue the recognition of permanent events (including DIY) to a maximum of 200 km nominal distance. Members riding such events should observe the restrictions placed on such exercise. This will mean that, among other things, the number of riders should not exceed 2 per event route per day.

All these measures will be in place for the duration of the lockdown period.


Wales is now out of the "fire break" that lasted until 9th November, so events are again permitted in line with local guidance. Currently riders resident in Wales may not cross into England as part of an event. Calendar events with up to 30 participants (not including volunteers) are permitted again, and up to 4 riders can ride each permanent event route each day.

Note that riders resident in England may not cross into Wales, so no rides crossing the border will be validated.


Scotland introduced a five-tier system on Monday the 2nd November. No local authorities are in Tier 4 as yet. AUK has submitted guidance to sportscotland and had that guidance approved. AUK organisers can continue to organise events that follow that guidance. There are however stricter limits for events in areas within Tiers 3 and 4 that would limit events to 6 people. Outdoor sport is generally permitted so permanent rides can continue with a limit of 2 riders per event route per day.

Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland introduced further temporary restrictions on the 16th October.  Outdoor sport is still permitted.  There are no calendar events scheduled in Northern Ireland but AUK has, in any event, submitted guidance to Sport NI in accordance with the Framework for a Return to Sport.


I would like to thank General Secretary Graeme Provan for his considerable work on this matter, and hope that Audax UK members and their families and friends enjoy, and remain in, good health.

Chris Crossland

Chair, Audax UK