Covid-19 - Update 04 January 2021

UPDATE – 4 January 2021

Following the latest Covid-19 restrictions announced by the government, the following guidance now applies to AUK events.

As ever, it is up individual members to understand and abide by the legislation and guidance applying to the area of their ride.  Where a rider submits a DIY route, that rider bears the responsibility for ensuring the route complies with the guidance set out below.

We will update AUK's guidance in line with any changes at national level. 

Graeme Provan
General Secretary Audax United Kingdom


All event validations in England are suspended from 00.01 Tuesday 5th January 2021


The whole Scotland is in either Protection Level 3 or 4. 

Calendar Events: none permitted.

Permanents: 2 riders per event route per day, 200k limit.   The activity must start and finish at the same place. No stopping in Level 0-2 areas.


The whole of Wales is in Alert Level 4

Calendar Events: none permitted

Permanent Events: 1 rider per event route per day, 200k upper limit on distance.  All rides must start and finish at home.

Permanent Events: 15 riders per event route per day, 600k upper limit on distance.  Where riders cross the Irish border they must adhere to the local rules in the Republic.

Northern Ireland will be subject to a restricted period between the 26th December and 2nd January.  During this period the number of riders per event route per day will be limited to 1.