Covid-19 - Update 12 July 2020

The Board of AUK met on the 8th July.

I am pleased to confirm that we are still intending to resume the validation of Permanent events (including DIYs) up to a nominal distance of 200km from the 1st of August.

We are discussing the practicalities with our IT delegates but we anticipate opening up entries at least a week before the resumption date. It is very likely that this will be a busy period for our organisers so please show them patience and understanding.

Individual organisers will have full discretion over whether to run events or not.

We will require all entrants to comply fully with the applicable COVID guidance for the area in which the event takes place and the places it passes through. This will include, in particular, social distancing and the limitations on gatherings.

While we appreciate that Permanent events can be ridden from different starting points and at different times, the easiest way for us and organisers to monitor compliance is to limit the number of daily validations for each event route to the maximum number permitted for that area. In the event that the limits are exceeded, none of the rides forming the excess will be validated.

It is likely that changes may occur between now and the 1st of August and we will post any updates on the forum and the website. At present the limits for individuals from different households are as follows:

  1. England - 6 people
  2. Wales - 2 people
  3. Scotland - 3 people
  4. Northern Ireland - 30 people

We recognise there are aspects of our sport that create risks around infection control; in particular, maintaining hygiene and the use of facilities across a wide geographical area. We are therefore taking a responsible, cautious and incremental approach to resumption. We will continue to monitor the guidance from across the UK during the next few weeks with the intention of increasing the number of validations allowed per event per day and/or extending the permitted distances, both as soon as it is reasonable, safe to do so, and permitted by guidance