Covid-19 - Update 13 August 2020

The Audax UK Board met on the 13th of August to review AUK’s COVID measures following the resumption of Permanent events up to 200k on the 1st of August. This had been well received by members, and the Permanent Events Secretary had reported over 150 validated rides in the first week.

We are pleased to report that we are now in a position to increase the distances and types of events on offer.

AUK will validate Permanent events (including DIYs) up to a nominal distance of 600k that start from 00.01 on Saturday the 15th of August. As before, this will be subject to the relevant organisers’ willingness to open their events. It is also subject to the practicalities of opening the events for entry so please bear with our hard-working delegates.

The limits on participant numbers will remain in place.

Following consultation with national sporting bodies across the UK, we are also able to resume calendar events up to a nominal distance of 300k from the 1st of September.

This will be a significant challenge for AUK and its organisers and the events themselves will look somewhat different. Our initial feedback from organisers also suggests that a large number of them are not yet comfortable with putting on events, whether permanent or calendar, and we will respect their decisions.

We therefore propose to invite organisers who have events scheduled over the next few months to run their events as test events. The Calendar Events Secretary and his regional delegates will be in touch with organisers over the coming days to discuss the detail of how the test events can take place and further announcements will follow in due course.

We would advise members wishing to enter any event to be patient with organisers who may well need to take their time to make preparations for the safe running of their events. Calendar events in particular may take time to be covid-proofed.

The national and local epidemic situations may change in the future. The relaxations of restrictions that we are introducing will be subject to our review and may also be affected by changes in local and national government guidelines and regulations with only short notice.

Finally, the Board decided to extend this season to the 31st of October which will also bring us into line with the BRM season. That decision cannot be made permanent until it has been ratified at the AGM, which will give time for members to consider the implications.

Please enjoy your cycling, and riding events,

Graeme Provan Audax UK General Secretary

Chris Crossland Audax UK Chair


A message from the Permanents Secretary:

If you are a Permanent Event organiser with events up to 600km that you consider suitable to be reopened for entries please email John Ward at and state which events you wish to have un-suspended