PBP Entry process announced (updated)

The next Paris-Brest-Paris (PBP) will take place between 18th and 22nd August 2019. This 1200km randoneé can trace its roots back to 1891, almost as old as the bicycle itself. It takes place every four years and has the largest number of riders of any audax event

2018 - Pre-qualification

If you are at all interested in riding PBP in 2019, the advice is to ride the longest possible BRM or RM event in the 2018 season (before 31 October 2018).  AUK's BRM events can be found here, and the worldwide calendars will soon be available from the ACP and RM websites. These rides are not qualifiers but are sometimes referred to as 'pre-qualifiers'.

2019 - Pre-registration

The date at which you will be able to pre-register for PBP will depend on the distance of your longest 2018 'pre-qualifier'.

More details of the event are here.