Covid-19 resumption of events guidance and behaviour codes (updated 10/11/20)

Following the easing of lockdown restrictions across the United Kingdom we were able to safely and responsibly start the process of resuming our sport. This was limited to Permanent and Calendar events of up to 600k nominal distance.

However as the situation changes, restrictions have had to be re-imposed for many areas. Whilst we will do our best to keep our website up to date, legislation and guidance can move fast and we may not be able to reflect the latest position at all times. We rely on riders to read, understand and comply with the general guidance applying in their area and along the route of their ride, especially where that imposes more stringent restrictions.

We have been working with government agencies in various parts of the UK to formulate appropriate guidance and risk assessments. Please look carefully at the documents that apply to the area(s) in which you will be riding and remember you need to act responsibly. This is an important first step in resuming our sport but we are not returning to normal and consideration of Covid-19 and the measures still in place needs to remain a priority.

Guidance Documents - permanent events

Guidance Documents - calendar events

Risk Assessments - permanent events

Risk Assessments - calendar events

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