Direct Debit payment

We are now able to take Membership Fee payment by Direct Debit. This saves you the hassle of renewing, and avoids your membership lapsing, which can effect eligibility for events such as LEL. It also saves AUK money, as the charges are lower than payments made via PayPal - so more of your fee can be used by AUK to provide services.

Direct Debit payments are safe - you will be notified before each payment is taken, and the direct debit guarantee ensures that if a payment is taken incorrectly you can claim a refund. See Direct Debit Guarantee for more details.

If you would like to convert to Direct Debit payment, all you need to do is to complete the mandate form. We will then automatically renew your membership and take payment (annual payments will be taken around 10th December).

Please note that we can still offer 5 year memberships paid via Direct Debit if you would like this.

  • For new memberships you will need to tick the 5 year box on the application form and then fill in the mandate
  • For existing members wanting to renew with the 5 year option, fill in the mandate and then send a mail to to request this. 

If you opt for this payment method you may want to add as a whitelisted sender in your email account - some people have reported that messages can otherwise go into spam/junk mail.

If you have any questions, contact the membership secretary (