LEL 2021 AUK members' guaranteed entry - updated 01/01/20

The LEL team announced that guaranteed entry would be available to "Audax UK members who were members on 12 September 2018, and remain members on 1 January 2021"

If you want to check your situation please look at this file listing the membership numbers that are currently eligible - this now reflects renewals up to 31st December 2019. Remember that if you do not renew again by 31st December 2020 your number will come off this list!  NB some members have reported that the Excel file does not display fully when opened on a phone - we recommend opening on a PC

This latest file may have missed a few people, generally those who have renewed by cheque or standing order where there may have been delays on our side processing your payment.

So if you think you are still eligible but don't see your number on the list please contact me via membership@audax.uk as soon as possible and we can check the records.

Caroline Fenton