Members' Survey 2020


In April 2020, all members were invited to complete a survey. The aims were to:

  • Provide a snapshot of the cycling activities of our membership
  • Improve our membership offer with particular emphasis on monitoring and increasing diversity
  • Inform our approach to the use of technology on Audax rides
  • Develop and improve communications
  • Develop our events strategy
  • Guide the development of AUK’s organizational strategy for the next five years

Approximately 2,300 members completed a survey - thanks to you all. A summary of the findings is given in the links below. The detail findings and individual comments are being reviewed by the Board and Delegates.

We will be contacting some individual members, where a membership number was provided and we'd like clarification of a comment, or a query was raised that we can address. We'll then generate an action list, which we will add to this page when it's complete, and will report on progress periodically.


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