Audax UK Regulations

Audax UK rules fall into three broad categories: those covering the rides themselves; those setting the requirements for rides to be validated; and those relating to the governance of the organisation.

The standing rules governing event participation are listed on the event entry form and entering an event implies agreement to follow those rules. Occasionally, an event organiser may add a specific additional rule, such as the need for all bikes to be fitted with mudguards, but this is quite rare.

The rules governing the validation of events are set out in sections 7-13 of the AUK Regulations and Appendices. These include guidance on time limits, controls, routes and the types of machines that may be ridden, as well as a summary of AUK awards. These are based on the ACP Regulations, but differ in some places. A comparison between the two is here.

Governance of AUK itself is also covered in the AUK Regulations and Appendices.

There are specific rules for team events - Arrows and Darts. Any questions regarding validation of events should be sent to the following using the contact form. :

  • Calendar Event - Event Organiser 
  • Permanent Event - Permanent Secretary
  • DIY Event - DIY Organiser (from whom the Brevet Card was Purchased)
  • ECE Event - Permanent Secretary

Rules issued by the international governing bodies for Audax, Audax Club Parisien and  Les Randonneurs Mondiaux can be viewed here



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