Membership FAQs

You’ll find our names and contact details on the website. The Membership Secretary sits on the AUK Board, coordinates the Membership Team, maintains the member database (with help from the systems manager) and deals with general enquiries. The New Member Delegate enrols new and lapsed members (around 800 per year). Renewal Delegates process the 7000 renewals each year.

No. All AUK officials and delegates, including the Membership team, are volunteers. We have to fit our AUK work in with all our other commitments (and get out cycling sometimes too!).

Changed address/tel/email/club:   update your own record online at > Members > MyDetails.
Contact if you have other queries, such as:

  • Publication not arrived
  • Queries about joining
  • Queries about renewal or Standing Order

On the website, go to Members section. Enter your AUK membership number and your password. Your password is sent to you with your 'Welcome to Audax UK' letter.  There are then options for changing your details or password.

Yes it does, though your number and password stay the same. The letter tells us when your membership expires and a subscription is due. If you are currently N your membership expires Dec 31st 2018. R expires end 2019, S = end 2020, and so on.

Don't enter your letter when you login!

Yes - at any time of year. It costs £6 per year. A household member is someone at the same address - they get full AUK membership, but only one copy of Arrivée is sent to the household. You can't do this on line, contact the membership team.

Normally your household member(s) must join for the unexpired period of the commuted membership; the fee is £6 x the number of years of commuted membership to run. However we are currently trialling offering a one year membership for household members. So if your daughter, son, partner, flatmate is not sure whether Audax is for them, they can join for one year only. Contact the membership team to arrange this.

Yes! We don't offer a specific junior membership but children can join as household members added to their parent or guardian's membership for only £6 per year.  We offer a special badge free of charge (the Brevet 250) to all eligible under 18s to encourage our youngest riders.

Under 18s can also join as individual members but we do need their parent or guardian's permission.

You must be aged 65 or more by 1st January, and have been a fully-paid up member of Audax for the previous 10 years continuously.  That means it's important that you have renewed your membership in good time in the years leading up to Life Membership, otherwise we'll consider you to have re-joined and set the counter back to zero.


Life Membership is free, but you will only receive 4 editions of Arrivee it you send us the reduced subscription (currently £11)

If you are renewing on line then it will be open from around 3rd October each year. You will receive a renewal notice in November and there will be a reminder in the December Arrivee which will contain information for those paying by cheque. But definitely by December 31st! Please remember that it takes your Membership Team all of December and January to process all the renewals (we have around 8000 members now). If you renew late we normally charge you an additional £5; this reflects the extra work for the Membership team, who have to post your publications individually.

With Autumn Arrivée we send you a renewal form; it tells you when your membership expires and what the current fees are. (Of course it could be £0 if you paid for 5 years so please check!). The renewal form shows your details from our database, please amend your details online if our records are incorrect.

You will be able to renew your membership online. We use PayPal to take the payments, so you can pay by any payment means PayPal accepts. This includes credit/debit cards.

If you pay by cheque (1 year or 5 years for price of 4) please do NOT staple the cheque to the form. It would help us if you write your membership number on the back of your cheque. Please make cheques payable to Audax United Kingdom.

You can check your own membership record online (see above). However, the database may say you are not yet renewed because your renewal is waiting in a large pile to be processed. DON’T PANIC! If you have sent us your cheque, or you are paying by SO, then you are a valid, insured member.

NB If you do not receive your February publications, please contact us.

Normally middle of the month but the exact date varies.
March   Winter Arrivée
June   Spring Arrivée
September   Summer Arrivée
December   Autumn Arrivée, including renewal reminder.

Our Printers distribute publications to our 8000 members - we do not stuff envelopes ourselves; that is, unless you are a new or lapsed member (ie late with sending in your renewal). If you miss the print deadline, our Membership Team has to post publications individually to you directly from our spares - while stocks last of course.
We send the mailing list to the Printers a couple of weeks before the mailing date, so if you move house don’t forget to amend your details online in good time and/or redirect your mail.

We're not taking new Standing Orders now. Existing ones may continue, but we are intending to offer Direct Debit in future (not ready yet!)

Membership cards are not sent out. But you can download your own card from the Members section of the AUK website.