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The Flapjack from Chippenham.

New to Audax? Audax UK is the world's largest long-distance cycling club, with a great range of rides from the short(ish) to the very (very) long. Find out what it's all about in New to Audax, then come and join us for a ride

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288,000 miles to go...

Congratulations to Paul Whitehead, of AUK and Audax Club Portsmouth, who has just joined the 300,000 mile club. Not all Audax, but a fair chunk will have been. The photograph shows a younger version of Paul, when he was only 12,000 miles into the project. If you fancy having a go yourself, take a look at this website

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Sat 25 Jan - Jack and Grace Cotton Memorial (100) Aztec West

Sat 25 Jan - Dr. Foster's Winter Warmer (200) Cardiff Gate

Sat 25 Jan - Hills and Mills (100) Hailsham

Sun 26 Jan - Newport (200) Cheadle

Sun 26 Jan - Radway (150) Cheadle

Sat 01 Feb - Straight on at Rosie's (200) Alfreton

Sat 01 Feb - Benjamin Allen's Spring Tonic. (200) Tewkesbury

Sat 01 Feb - Bill's Theocsbury Ramble. (100) Tewkesbury

Sat 01 Feb - Knights Templar Compasses (100) Witham

Sun 02 Feb - Windrush Winter Warm Down 150 (150) Ashton Keynes

Sun 02 Feb - Windrush Winter Warm-up 100 (100) Ashton Keynes

Sat 08 Feb - Worthing Winter Warmer (100) Dial Post

Sun 09 Feb - Flapjack (100) Chippenham

Sun 09 Feb - Rutland and Beyond (100) Leicester

Sun 09 Feb - The Winter Boat Ride (200) The Wonder Cafe

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