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Audax UK - Announcement 16 March 2020

Following today’s updated guidance from the government, the Audax UK Board has taken the difficult decision to suspend recognition of all calendar, permanent and DIY events, with immediate effect, until further notice.

This means that AUK will not validate any rides undertaken from midnight tonight, 16th March, until the decision is taken to lift the suspension. Anyone undertaking such rides will not be allocated AUK points or AAA points, their rides will not be counted towards Mileater or Randonneur Round the Year awards, and they will not be covered by AUK’s insurance policy while riding.

We appreciate that many members will be working towards our various points-based championships. Given the suspension of events, the points-based championships will be suspended for this season. The Mileater Awards will be frozen at their current state and, while annual totals will be recorded, the mileater championships will be suspended for this year. To ensure that the progress of riders  towards The Randonneur Round the Year Award  is recognised, validation of qualifying rides for  it will be suspended immediately and will restart on the same date as calendar events, perms, and DIYs.  RRtY riders who have already ridden their March events will be given due credit; those who have not yet completed a March event will be allowed to, in effect, have their suspension backdated to the end of February so that they are not penalised.

More information for members and specifically for event organisers will follow during the next few days.

We will keep the position under review and inform members of any changes as appropriate.

I would like to thank all the Board members who have contributed to these difficult decisions, and hope that Audax UK, all our members, all our event organisers, and all our supporters are able to return to our normal activities at some point in the future when the outlook for everybody is much better.

Chris Crossland
Chair, Audax UK

Members' Survey

We will shortly be mailing all members with a link to an online survey form. The objectives are to:

  • Provide a snapshot of the cycling activities of our membership
  • Improve our membership offer with particular emphasis on monitoring and increasing diversity
  • Inform our approach to the use of technology on audax rides
  • Develop and improve communications
  • Develop our events strategy
  • Guide the development of AUK’s organizational strategy for the next five years

We'd be grateful if you could take fifteen minutes or so to complete it. More details are available on this news item

Arrivée On-line

If the Covid-19 situation has left you off your bike and with time to spare, try an Arrivée retrospective. We've posted all the recent issues on-line (previously was only up to 2017), and will continue to post new issues, 1-2 months after publication. The links are here

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The Flapjack from Chippenham.

New to Audax? Audax UK is the world's largest long-distance cycling club, with a great range of rides from the short(ish) to the very (very) long. Find out what it's all about in New to Audax, then come and join us for a ride

Rider of the Month

Recumbent Selfie.

A self-portrait from Phil Whitehurst on a very wet (53 mm rain that day!) Brazier's Run from Victoria CC. Their mission statement is "passionate about cycling, cake and coffee", which sounds like a proper cycling club! Phil was due to organise the Stevenage Start of Summertime ride until it had to be suspended this year.

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We're sorry, but until further notice all Calendar events have been suspended, and AUK will not validate DIY or Perm rides. Please see the notice re Covid-19. This notice will be updated as the situation develops