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Audax UK - Update 13 August 2020

COVID-19 - Expansion of AUK permanent events (including DIYs) from 15 August 2020, and resumption of calendar events from 1 September

Please see this news article for full details. If you have already entered or are planning to enter an event please also check this page for further information.

Membership System Upgrade

Audax membership administration has switched to the new (i.e. this) website. Please see the following news item for details of what you need to know

Get Started!

The Flapjack from Chippenham.

New to Audax? Audax UK is the world's largest long-distance cycling club, with a great range of rides from the short(ish) to the very (very) long. Find out what it's all about in New to Audax, then come and join us for a ride.

Because of the Covid-19 situation, we are currently only able to run a limited number of calendar (group) events, so you may also want to take a look at the pages which explain how permanent and DIY rides work.

This month's rider

Marcia at journey's end - Lands End.

Many congratulations to AUK member Marcia for her world record LEJOGLE ride (currently being validated) She started out on 23 August and was followed for the next 11 days by an army of dot-watchers. The weather wasn't kind, but she pedalled on and in doing so raised over £10,000 for Solent Mind charity. More about Marcia's cycling exploits here.

Riders of the month archive

Audax UK Year

The current season for results and awards has been extended to run until October 31st due to the shutdown of events. Therefore you have one extra month to qualify for any awards that must be achieved in a single season.

AUK Members Survey

An initial analysis of the responses to the AUK Members' Survey is here. More detailed analysis is in progress, and will feed into the next edition of the AUK strategy

Arrivée On-line

If the Covid-19 situation has left you off your bike and with time to spare, try an Arrivée retrospective. We've posted all the recent issues on-line (previously was only up to 2017), and will continue to post new issues, 1-2 months after publication. We also now have some "vintage" copies scanned by Robbie Fargo. The links are here.

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