Fixed-Wheel Challenge Regulations

  1. Points are allocated on the scale of 1 point per complete 100KM: 100KM = 1 FWC point; 200KM = 2 FWC points, but 150KM = 1 FWC point. (2 x 150KM = 2 points)
  2. AAA events carry an added bonus equal to the AAA points: ½ AAA point = ½ FWC point; 1 AAA point = 1 FWC point.
  3. Riders amassing 25 points shall be eligible for the FWC badge.
  4. FWC brevet cards are available from the FWC organiser (on receipt of £1 and a sae) and should be produced at the end of an event for the finish controller to endorse.
  5. Full cards should be returned to the FWC organiser (with usual sae) for validation.
  6. Riders collecting 15 points or more in a season shall have their names included in a published list. Claims should be sent to the FWC organiser by the end of October.
  7. Riders attaining the most points in a season will be awarded the annual FWC Trophy.


Riders planning to ride a Super Randonneur Series on fixed or attain 20 AAA points on fixed in a season should join this award. A brevet card to record each event, evidenced, as above, by the finish controller’s stamp and signature, is available from the FWC organiser on receipt of £1 and a sae.


As the additional challenge presented by these schemes is essentially to find a satisfactory compromise to suit the terrain of each ride, a single gear freewheel machine is ineligible, as is a three speed fixed hub gear such as a Sturmey Archer ASC or S3X. These latter two items also contravene the general minimalist ethos of the fixer. It is, however permissible to swap between each sprocket on a double-sided hub.