Straight Outta Hackney


200km cycling event starting from Harringay, London. Controls at Ickleton, Cambridge, Puckeridge and Harringay., plus 1 information control.

Get Straight Outta Hackney to beautiful Herts, Essex & Cambs. Very rural route inc. open plains, quiet country lanes, & rustic pubs.Controls in archetypal English villages & Cambridge with BBQ Arrivee.

Audax Club Hackney invites you to start a 'fast & friendly' ride from Harringay, North London (which is actually just over the border from Hackney). Start outside The Salisbury Hotel Pub, Green Lanes and then get 'Straight from the city to the 'C'' into some beautiful countryside. In a surprisingly short space of time one is jettisoned into a wealth of agricultural plains, quiet country lanes and lovely rustic pubs. You won't believe how accessible it really is. Control in the quiet village of Ickleton with access to village shop and/or the nearby Riverside Cafe then an info at Little Thurlow before a control at The Copper Kettle Cafe in the ancient city of Cambridge. ACH operated control in Puckeridge and then whiz back to the The Salisbury Hotel for Arrivee before an all inclusive Audax Club Hackney barbecue at ACH HQ on Harringay Road. Like last time it's a gut-busting bonanza inc. the ACH Chorizo, Pepper, & Rocket Ciabatta sandwich originally introduced to our bespoke menu designed by the renowned chef from Brindisa, Borough Market, as well as our classic North African vegetable stew, based around a traditional Moroccan recipe Harira. I continue to cherish this recipe after initially sampling whilst travelling in Marrakesh back in 1993 There are also exotic fruits aplenty as well the usual free beer tokens for The Stags Head pub/shed, for a selection of chilled ales, ciders and soft drinks.

This year also sees the inauguration of the SOH Oat & Syrup flap-jack which, along with your banana, will be handed out at the start to see you through to the first control.

Event Date and Location

200 km (200 km) in 13h20
08:00 to finish by 21:20
Starting from:
Harringay, London
Closing Date:
Enter soon as entries may close early if event is full

NON-MEMBERS are welcome but need to register first. This is free - we ask you to do this so we can verify your contact details. You only need to register once and can then enter multiple events or in future convert to paid membership.

PARENTAL CONSENT is required for entrants under 18 years of age. This can be declared by the parent/guardian making an online entry on behalf of the under 18 rider. Otherwise, although an entry can be made online, the parent/guardian should complete and sign the parental consent form available here. More information about event entry terms related to under 18 year olds is here.

Event Information

15-30 km/h
Audax Club Hackney
Audax Points:
Event No:

Organiser Information

Justin Jones

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