Cambrian ACP Super Randonnée - Tourist


600km permanent cycling event starting from Knighton.

Super Randonnées were created by the Audax Club Parisien in 2009. Super Randonnées are mountainous Permanents of 600 km (373 miles) with over 10,000 m (32,800 ft) of elevation gain. This is the Tourist Version of this ACP 600km Super Randonnée event with a 75km minimum per day speed. (There is an alternative randonneur version with a 60 hour time limit- SR01R) Each rider must: 1) Be self-sufficient. Support vehicles, even occasionally, are totally forbidden, on the course and at the control places. 2) Follow the route of the Super Randonnée. The organiser provides a detailed route sheet indicating the location of the control places. 3) Note on their card the start and finish date and time (day, hour, minute), and the time of passage at all intermediate control places (hour, minute). 4) Prove their passage at the control places by taking a photo of their bike (with frame plate) at the place designated by the organiser. The organiser provides detailed information about the places where to take the control photos. The rider can appear on the picture, but not without his or her bike. If circumstances permit, riders may have their card stamped at an establishment located at the control place, instead of taking a photo. The stamp must show the name of the control place, otherwise it is not valid. Missing photos (if not replaced by stamps), missing control times, or loss of the card (regardless of how far into the ride a rider is) will result in disqualification. Secret controls may occur at the start and during the ride.

Event Date and Location

To be created by the rider
600 km (600 km) in 72h00
00:00 to finish by + 00:00
Starting from:
Closing Date:
Enter soon as entries may close early if event is full

PARENTAL CONSENT is required for entrants under 18 years of age. We are currently unable to accept online entries for non-member riders under the age of 18. If you are under 18, please complete a postal entry. Parents should note the information on the entry form and be aware that this is an individual ride without leaders.

Event Information

3.125-30 km/h
Audax Points:
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Organiser Information

Colin Bezant

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